Our Approach

Enrollment Process

The following is the enrollment process of all children recommended to the Children of the Future Foundation

  1. Each year, the Children of the Future Foundation will selectively enroll a minimum of 10 families with less privileged children from infancy to age 18 based on recommendations. Recommendations can be submitted via “Get In Touch” on this website or by contacting any of the representatives by telephone.
  2. To qualify, there must be a clear indication of need negatively affecting the development, care, education of the child, including but not limited to:
    • Orphans without adequate support from family
    • Disabled children with clear indication of needed care
    • Children with clear indication of healthcare assistance or medical attention
    • Any children from infancy to age 18 with clear indication of need 
    • Other defined as any child found in detrimental situation affecting the child’s life. Determination will be made by the executive leadership of the Foundation.
  3. After the child turns 18, it will be the choice of the child to remain with the organization for further assistance through our scholarship program.
  4. The leadership of the foundation will perform an investigation of each case to ensure that the need is legitimate before enrollment.
  5. In the future, it is the goal of this foundation to expand its territory to support young adults beyond 18 years of age, families with general needs, and other NGOs.