Cameroon is aware of a bad security crisis with the invasion of the Islamic group Boko Haram in the Extreme North and with the soldier-politico crisis which lost in the Central African Republic in the eastern part of the country. What has as a corollary multiple attacks against the civil populations, suicides attacks, the installations of explosive machines, removals and the murders, the destruction of goods, trans-border attacks of the Central African armed groups. A massive displacement of the populations of the rural areas towards the urban and suburban areas; what strongly affects the agricultural and economic productive activities. This situation worsens the vulnerable conditions of the population disproportionally affected for years by permanent climatic shock (drought and floods), poverty and marginalisation of the underprivileged, food insecurity and malnutrition. This security crisis calls for a humanitarian response which challenges all actors national and international and all members of the civil societies in order to lend strong hand to the Cameroonian government. It is a question containing refugees who come from neighbouring countries, to make free movement the interns fleeing, the exactions of the paramilitaries armed, to find new surroundings for them to cultivate and also to reassure the hosts populations by integrating them in the process of development. The pressure will be mounting on the intensification of the pastoral and agricultural production survival of the population’s guarantees, and to contribute to the rehousing of the populations having lost during attacks.
Vis-a-vis this situation, FADEC joint the humanitarian community to give its support for the rehabilitation and of the reinforcement of subsistence means which support a long-term self-sufficiency, an autonomisation of vulnerable people and with an improvement of the global standard of the living populations.

To work out 8 prototypes of agricultural villages with solar energy, the support of the systems of agricultural production with the installation of the network of irrigation of the cultures by renewable energies, with conditioning and has the transformation of the local foodstuffs in order to guarantee food safety in the Logone and Chari Division , of the Mayo Sava

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